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Jaj Telan is only an alias of the author of this blog. It is his commonly used nickname. He will not publish his full name for privacy.

The author is a 17-year old student pursuing Bachelor of Science in Biology in University of the Philippines Baguio.

Living far away from home because of education, the author decides to create a blog where he could tell all of his experiences and stories in his mind.

Jaj is an internet freak, registered in different forums with different aliases. He spends most of his time in front of a computer, doing all sorts of things including gaming, social networking, blog hopping, reading articles, studying, etc. His most commonly used alias is Blackprizm.

Our bored author also tried different sort of hobbies, including street magic, playing the guitar, hacking, programming, carpentry, etc. The only sports he had been successful however, is CHESS. He loves playing many different board games including scrabble, word factory, backwords, monopoly, millionaire’s game, game of the generals, etc. He also plays card games, namely trick, poker big two (pusoy dos), poker, black jack(21), pusoy wei, tong its, etc.

Our author has many dreams. His aim was still unclear to him, but he wants to try out many things and experience them.

That’s all for now.


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