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 I woke up, not feeling well, but still we had to go for the NSTP schedule for the day. So I prepared my things, and I included my tools for catching spiders. I just felt an instinct that I’m going to need it. On the site, I was digging through the rocks when I noticed a web. I immediately removed the rock, and to my surprise a huge webbing house was there. A small feet was sticking from there. A spider! 

I was so happy to see that. I immediately grabbed my equipment and caught the spider. I had only one container at that time. After that, I continued removing and replacing rocks. And this time, a second spider. 

I was so happy. But I had a problem. Two tarantulas can’t be on the same container. Since I had brought only one container, I had to make a way in which the container would be divided into two.

That problem was easily resolved by a piece of carton. So I managed to put those two arachnids on one container, because of the outsourced carton divider in them. 

I just don’t know what species are they. But I know they were of the genus Selenocosmia.



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