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Last Saturday, we were bound to Bolinao in Pangasinan for our fieldwork. I packed and prepared the night before – towel, extra clothing, snorkeling device, my camera, food, toiletries, and other necessities that I need. After that me and my classmates who are also joining the fieldwork stayed overnight at the boarding house of my love interest.

We stayed overnight and I slept through the evening on her lap, while everyone was still awake. I was not having a good dream, so I woke up but the lights were already off. She is still awake, so I told here to sleep abut she said she can’t sleep if someone is watching her while sleeping. I just laughed it off. It’s a good feeling to hold the woman that you love in your own arms, I don’t know, it’s kind of heart warming. Especially when the one you love loves you back. It’s a good feeling – no. It’s the best that you can feel ever in the whole world.

So, we waited there, cuddling in the dark, until 2.30 in the morning. 3 A.M. will be the departure time, so we went there before 3. A.M. So she and her friends went with us to the assembly area. She still needs rest, so after I bid goodbye to her, they went home. Soon, we already got on the bus and waited for others who are a bit late on the schedule.

The travel time was pretty long, we left at nearly 4 in the morning, but the time originally scheduled for a breakfast stopover was still exact. After eating, we continued traveling until we reached University of the Philippines – Marine Science Institute. We dropped our bags at the dormitory we would be staying in and went for the seminar room for an orientation.

After that, we went to the Enchanted Cave.

This is one of my photos on the cave, posing with the rock structures around. The cave was short, but it was a great place for swimming.

And now, the collection of specimens. We would have to collect specimens on the inter-tidal region.

This is the region where we took pictures of specimens from the inter-tidal area. It was pretty cool, and although this part was usually not that deep, there were still parts which are waist-deep. Here is a sample picture:

After taking photographs, we went to the Bolinao Lighthouse. I had to admit, IT WAS COOL! It was my first time to visit a lighthouse. I’ve always wanted to go to a lighthouse. I don’t know why, but, it’s just plain cool.

The sunset. Oh yes. The sunset. We watched the sun set on the beach after going to the lighthouse.
I don’t usually take photos of myself, but I requested one.
No one knows how awesome sunsets are. They’re just so cool.

We got back to the dormitory after that.

Take a shower, changed clothes, ate dinner, took a brush, and prepared to rest. It’s a tiring day.
3.45 A.M. I woke up to change to attire suited for fieldwork and prepared the items and gear needed that day. The call time is still 6 in the morning, so I decided to sleep again. I was starting to doze off when someone opened the door fully and dropped the knob. But there was no one in there. I just said to myself “So the rumors were true..” And got back to sleep, ignoring the open door of our room.

We traveled by boat for 20-30 minutes from the estuary to the coral area. It was awesome. Oh yes of course it was full of corals. The first are was full of Tridacna. The second one was full of Chocolate Chip Starfishes. I also managed to take a photograph of a sea anemone.

After the tiring and fun activities we have gone through, we’re finally home!

I will not post most of the photos in here, but I will be posting them here after the field report. It may be best to hide the photos first, you know.


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