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It’s the 25th of January. And guess what? It’s my birthday today! Nothing special really.

Here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, eating away the time that are supposed to be used for sleeping.
This is what happens when insomnia strikes, you are always half-asleep.

Your mind floats away, imagining things, making you think thoughts that are out-of-this-world.
But maybe sometimes they are beneficial, to others maybe, but for me, it is not that beneficial. It makes me moody throughout the day, making me show my bipolar characteristic as a person.

I’m onto weights training now. I’ve started last Tuesday, and I’m going to do it regularly as I consider it as a method of improving my own body. Also, I am trying to start reviewing for my exams. Although I think it is against my habit, as I don’t review before examinations, I think it is also beneficial for me. So I think it’s worth a shot.

Every Saturdays and Mondays we are required to attend NSTP to clean and landscape the garden of this particular school. It’s relatively easy, not that tiring, and I think serves as physical and a fun activity for those into plants like me. It sucks only because even though we have asked the Head of the School to supply us with materials last year, until now those materials that we have asked for are.. let’s just say that the materials to be provided are “still a long way off” or this term which I think is more appropriate: “virtually next to impossible”.
I want to talk with the School Head for the second time to settle these materials, or maybe they could just give us cash to fund these materials, so we could finish our work.

It’s almost 1 a.m., and I am still not asleep. Now, I’ve got no idea how will I survive classes throughout this day.

I just hope everything will be better.
And just so you know, I want someone to hug me today. 🙂

Good night.


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