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It’s hard to move around when you know you’re not feeling well. I had colds and fever last night. And I had nightmares. When I am sick, I always have nightmares, so even if I don’t feel anything wrong with my body and I had nightmares last night, I knew my body is or will not be feeling well.

I will be having two exams before the Christmas break and I don’t think that would be easy for me with this illness sh*t.
Anyways, I watched the meteor shower last night and as usual, I was amazed. The last time I watched it, well, was with a friend and we used a telescope to locate the constellations, because we really want to see all of them. We located the planets too.

But last night I was alone. And I never thought it was saddening, to see marvels of nature alone. You experience happiness alone. You experience amazement alone. You experience sadness alone.

But then I am happy right now. Not that much, but I know I am.
I think I’m in love.


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