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This is the poem I made, because I can’t sleep. I don’t really know how to create exemplary poems, but I think this one’s good enough. Have fun guys.

Meaning of Life

by “Jaj” Telan

I sit here, staring at the screen
Some pictures that makes me grin
Are what I see through the evening
Spending the time – just clicking

But as the night goes deeper
Your endless thoughts wander
You ask yourself, “what is life?”
Your mind makes you strife

Religions, religions, they are all over
Still, they can’t explain it over
Science, science, they try to fathom
Their mind can’t get to the bottom

Ask: “What is life, really?”
No one can explain it truly
We can see that life does exist
But the meaning is in the mist

The meaning of life, is life
You know you exist, you have life
If life does not really exist,
Then the thought of “who you are” will be dismissed

Pursuit for life’s purpose is blunt
Look for the answer, it’s flagrant
To exist – it is the aim
Of every being you can name

There are no constants, nor certainties
In this life, these are the realities
Words may not enough to express
What life does really possess

Now, you can stop looking for answers
Stop worrying, it’s all that matters
Be content, be happy, and live more
That’s what you are here for.


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