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People do things for love. They wage war for the love of their country. They make themselves suffer now so that in the future, they can live at ease, because they love their own self. People avenge, because they love what they’re avenging for.

These thoughts crossed my mind, while thinking about the events that happened. Does this particular effect happened because of the event that caused it, or this particular effect took place because it is the effect of another particular event? And is the event that cause another event happened because it’s purpose was to be the cause of that event, or it’s just simply the cause of that effect?


Wait. Those are weird, and somewhat vague, but that’s it. Purposes. What’s our purpose in life? Are you here to be the son/daughter of your parents, or are you here because of your parents? There’s a big difference in those two events, actually. Have you ever wondered about that, knowing your own purpose?

For me, people make their own purposes. You are the object being used, but you are also the creator of that object. You create yourself. Defining your own purpose is your job. If you still don’t know your own purpose, don’t worry, it will come to our mind one day, knowing that what you did, even though how small as compared to the universe, had caused a difference, even though others didn’t feel it.

You know you’re doing something.
I also noticed that, growing up was not always “for the better”. Some times you grow immature. Other times you become understandable in some things you don’t care about before.

Oh, and by the way, she’s really cute. And I won’t reveal here identity now. Maybe some other time. 🙂
Good night.


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