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Everything seems so right..

Yes. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed yesterday, but it seems the day ended full of happiness and joy. Although my mind is under a series of bad thoughts recently, I still had the chance to smile and be happy, even though there are hard times ahead.

Last night, the Lighting Ceremony began. It is a yearly event in which our university would put up Christmas lights, decors, etc. After the preparation, the event will now begin.

After a series of presentations, the countdown began. Even though I’m not showing any emotion (I think I’m good with it) I can feel it. You knew it, the feeling, that you feel every Christmas. The warmth. That feeling that your longing for this warmth has ended, because, you know it’s near. It just feels so.. awesome.

Something is wrong with the image, I can’t insert it here. But anyways, I will update as soon as I found out why I can’t insert one.

It’s already 3 am. Gotta start working on the requirements needed later.


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