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Hello guys, I’m back!
I think it’s the good time to post, since I haven’t updated this blog for a long time.
It’s December one today. A lot of things happened during this year. There are so many, I can’t recall much in my memories.
Realizing all that I have done, I pretty much didn’t grow up.

“What is love?”
This question has been the point of interest since we debated about certain issues like justice, peace, etc.
There are a lot of concepts in this world in which we can’t define, much less explain.
Like “love” for example. Some say that people love because of needs. We love someone or something, because we benefit from it. Others say that love is mixture of feelings. A few says that, love, is acceptance of what’s happening.
How do you know when its love? Some say “when it’s over.” Others say “you just feel it.”
But, once you try to define love, you try to reach it according to your perception. You’ll try to reach it underneath the depths of your feelings. Your memories. Your brain.
And you’ll be able to understand that love is just a concept, created by people to label this.. incredible feeling that reaches you. IT is not something that can be defined, and it is different to every unit that encompasses it.



I inserted this picture because, it’s pretty much amusing to watch this event. Actually, it may not be telephone booths, but also cellular phones, social networking sites, etc. This scene would be saddening, frightening, and happy at the same time. Sad, to accept the fact that there are only 5 minutes left to tell all your friends, family, and all of the people who came in your life that you love them, when there are 365 days in a year and you let all of that go to waste. Frightening, that you only have 5 minutes left to do this, and flashbacks on your lives appear in your head, your regrets, your long-time quarrels with your loved ones, and all misunderstandings that occurred between you and your friends.

Happy, because you can see, how people put effort in telling them you love them, and yet most people would not notice it, but now they do.

Love you all guys, no homo.

Good night, and welcome December!




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