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This is the original video of a lady caught in the act of “speaking on the top of her voice” to a security guard. (AMALAYER) lol

Everyday people get stressed and worried about many problems. School, family, finances, etc. But don’t let that “stress” get in to your mind. It gets you irritated, making you do some actions which-does-not-look-good for most people just like the one on this video.

All I can say about the lady is that she is a disgrace for Filipinos. I don’t see it as an example of how a Filipino citizen act. I just see her as being a disgrace for her family, school, friends, etc. Just, what would she expect from people, especially from the internet, to say to her? I mean, just “WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?”

I can’t even blame the guard, she’s just doing her job. She’s guarding the perimeter, and I think from what the video stated is that the guard asked her a question. *sigh*

And, people of the internet are now making fun of the lady. I can’t blame the entire netizen, because that’s how the internet works. It’s both the love and hate machine of the world. 😀

This is all folks, I gotta sleep, for I got too tired from the schedule of my classes today. See ya!


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