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Since I have been loitering around the university on the first day, I can’t help but stay on the newly built “food court” on our university.
On the previous years, there were three canteens in which you can eat, but now there is a new eating place in which previous canteens were transferred from their places to this new and centralized “food court”.
The problem is, since it is large, there were too many people, too much noise. You can’t help the feeling that someone, is stalking you, looking at you, or talking behind your back.
Also, people in more than groups of four tend to split into different tables, because every table has a fixed number of chairs on it, which is four.
Anyways, I appreciate this place because it is spacious. There are also stairs leading to more tables if ever you didn’t get one.

The first day was not that great, and I am sure that it won’t be throughout the whole week. The first week will just involve giving of class cards and knowing who the instructor is in a particular course subject that you will take.

Now, I’m going to sleep early because of my early class schedule tomorrow. *sigh*
Have a good night.


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