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Looking back to what I’ve done in the past few days, I can sense I’m.. not improving. I’m still building up myself for the courage to pull my grades up because of that failed subject last semester.

Judging from what I am doing right now, I’m still being a lazy ass. How am I supposed to ace my subjects this semester? This troubles me.

At this moment, I am typing this. I am going to write a journal on my academic standing this semester. My grades, scores in quizzes and more. I don’t know, but I felt that I would give it a go so that I would have the motivation to do so.

November 13, tomorrow, would be the official start of this sem. Exciting? Not at all. I am not even motivated. This adjustment from being lazy pessimist to being a productive optimist is too harsh for me. It feels like it’s not suited for me, but I know it is. I am going to. I can do it. 😀

Sweet night people.


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