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And I’m just sitting here, facing the laptop.

I haven’t done much since the start of semester break. There are a few things I want to do, but I am too lazy to even start doing them.
I realized that I have changed a lot. I am now no longer “the unpredictable curious type” as I describe myself before, but now I am the lazy type. I start reading books, but haven’t been able to finish them.

I want to be as curious as always, where my thirst for knowledge is very strong. I detest myself even more, knowing that I am now lazy.
Before, I can’t stop reading. Now, I don’t even have the energy to lift up a single book, or an ebook perhaps. And what do I do? Nothing. Lay on my bed, and play PSP. Sigh.

My grades were shown online, and It shows that I failed on one of my subjects. And guess what the subject is? It’s mathematics. My best subject on high school.

I can understand why I failed on that subject, since I don’t attend classes and such.

I want to go back to Baguio. It’s cooler in there.

Anyways have a good day fella’s


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