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You have no more money(for almost a week), you must pay the rent, and you have no more food stocks left.
What’s worse could happen?
You will be facing three exams this incoming week.
This is what I’m experiencing right now. Things have been a little difficult for me.
I’ve been trying out to be happy, with all the things that are happening around me, whether bad or good, and it gives me a weird, fuzzy feeling. It’s cool man.

Anyways, today is September 1. Start of the “ber” months.
People living here in my country starts to put up decorations for Christmas. This has been a tradition for so long, and it’s awesome. However, unlike in the past, there are less people who put up Christmas decorations. Well, the reason we are not putting many decorations is that it is hard to maintain, consumes too much electricity, accumulates dirt, etc. However, we still celebrate Christmas in a simple way. That’s it.

There’s something that happened yesterday evening. There was an earthquake in the Philippines, and the epicenter was near Samar. The aftershock reached some areas here in Baguio, which many people living in Baguio posted on some social networking sites about the shock. Too bad I never even felt it. I just wish that no worse things would happen those who are living near the shoreline, because a tsunami warning was issued by the government.

That’s all. I just hope this incoming week would turn out the way I wanted it to. 🙂


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