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My life had been tough for these past few days. Tough for my mental health, physical, and I think emotional.
Last week friday, I went home for the long weekend to spend some time home. It was tiring.
And these incoming examinations are a pain in my head.

Anyways, there is one thing that I’m thinking about these past few days..
These thoughts are about Filipino fraternities and sororities.
As a member of a fraternity, I know how serious it is to join. It is not just an organization, but maybe a lifestyle, which you will adapt for a lifetime.

You get to know many people, you organize events, you participate in it, and many more. But the bad side are, the dangers that surround you after joining.

Fraternity wars and rumbles are frequently heard in the news. Also, frat-related deaths and victims are flashed in the television or headlined in the newspaper.
I hate these. These unfortunate incidents are just ruining the name of fraternities in the Philippines. I was envious in some other places, because the frat system there are united; they do not rumble, or have grudges against each other. Any problem they face, they talk to it sincerely. They know that being hot-headed is not the solution to the problem. Misunderstandings are discussed, and made sure not to cause disapproval from each party.

In my opinion, fraternities should be a model of integrity. Of brotherhood. Not viewed as a group of warfreak butthurt people. How I wish. There are still members of fraternities that are closed minded.
I hate those people.

How I wish the fraternity system would change.


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