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This is supposed to be posted earlier. But there is little time to write a post.
Anyways we assemble at 8am on the UP grounds. But we left at measly 9am after a few announcements regarding the safety of students and the drop-off points on the different areas of the mountain.

As we go higher, the temperature got lower. And the more exciting. Our group were staying on the second transport jeepney of the five vehicles that we rode. So we were dropped off near the peak with the first batch.

Once we were dropped off, we walked towards the top. I started collecting specimens as we climb the peak.
I collected a moss patch near a cliff.

The photo of

First specimen

First bush that I encountered to, which I found unique, is here.

I never got any good photos with the specimens, because I just used a camera phone. Too bad for me.

After collecting a number of specimens, a small group of students including I started to walk towards the peak.
A few minutes after reaching the peak, in which there is a tower, we trailed down and meet with the rest of the students.

On the way home, riding was awesome. We decided to climb the jeepney and ride on top. The cold wind was so good in my skin.

We reached the university in the afternoon. This is now the hard part. The pressing of the plants that we collected.
It took hours.

After pressing, we went home, tired and weary.
BUT it was awesome. Hoping for another field work.


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