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Didn’t do anything productive today. It was a very tiring day, matched with the rainy weather and cold temperature. It makes you go back to your bed once you get up. And it’s good to be in bed, with your very comfortable pillow, warm sheets.. Anyways, after I do the laundry, I went to sleep. Then I went to the mall, and I was surprised that there were many people at that time, because usually at that time it must be nearly empty. 

I’m planning to go to the supermarket(inside the mall)  but the lines to the cashier were too long. So I decided to buy some  playing cards and went to the food court so that I could sit.

And this time I went hungry. So I ate at Mr. Kimbob’s and indeed it was delicious. I’m planing to go back some other time. 

And so it was. G’d night


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