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Well I forgot to post this a while ago. But since I’m an UPCAT survivor (lol I am currently studying at UP) here are the list of things that I did before taking UPCAT.

1. Sleep
Well, a good night’s sleep is needed before taking the exam.

2. Don’t panic
Don’t panic on the UPCAT. Be sure to have a relaxed mind.

3. Don’t cram
DO NOT do this. It will just stress your mind.

4. Prepare the requirements
Prepare your pencils. And other things that are needed in UPCAT. Also, bring a sharpener and a good eraser just in case.

5. Bring food
This is optional. I completed every portion of the exam within 30 minutes of the time, so I have time to eat. The UPCAT is long, so it is advisable to bring food/snacks like biscuits and such.

6. Don’t expect that you will pass
Expecting too much will stress your mind. Think that, if you pass the UPCAT, then it is for you.
The UPCAT is the easiest exam that you will take within your UP life. If you didn’t pass, then find another university.

7. Listen to the examiner
Listen to the examiner for the rules and procedures.

8. Read the questions carefully
Some questions are misleading. You have to read it carefully.

9. Double check your answers
Maybe you are answering at the wrong column or row. Or wrong number. So, be careful with it.

10. Pray to your “DEITY”
This doesn’t apply to me, since I’m an agnostic. But if you are a Christian, or a Muslim, pray for guidance as it relaxes you mind.

11. Answer all questions
Don’t leave any blanks! Remember that!

I think that’s all. Anyways goodluck with taking the UPCAT!


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