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This is my first non-personal post on my personal blog. 🙂 So I think this will be great lol.

Blogging has been viral since Internet was born, and many people use blogging not just for fun, but for money.

1. Products, Product Reviews, etc.

One way to monetize your blog is by selling products. Many companies may ask you to post about their products in exchange for a small fee. You just have to post something about their product, tell convincing things about it, there you go. Money.

2. Ads.

There are many sites that sell ads to publishers, in exchange for $50 in a month or so. The best Ad provider is AdSense. There are also many good providers, but beware. People don’t like many ads, so I suggest you stick to one ad provider for your blog.

3. Ebooks.

Many sites sell their own ebooks. Mostly, the topics are what about their site’s niche is. This may not be that popular, but always believe there will be one special man who will buy your ebook every month.

4. Reviews.

Similar with product reviews. Except that you will be reviewing about a website, service offered by a company, or anything. This is the easiest way.

5. Link Exchange.

This is the last method that I know. Simple. They ask you to put their website’s link to your homepage, promote it, and there you go. Mostly this is for popular blogs. Popular blogs attract traffic, and of course, when your links are posted on their blogs, you will attract traffic too.

So there you have it. Maybe You are wondering why I don’t put ads on my blog. It’s because this is my personal blog, and I have many other blogs of different niches as well. I don’t want to ruin this blog by putting ads. 🙂  So have fun monetizing your blog!


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