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But I feel.. Lighter. I’m not pertaining to weight, but you know that feeling? When you feel good, when you feel that everything looks alright. That’s what I’m feeling right now.

Maybe because I got my allowance earlier this day (LOL). Haha.

I think I’m coming back to my former self, where I want to continue what I want to do, my new found skills, and cultivate them even more. I’m just not sure. But when it comes to what I do before, I feel more motivated and energetic than doing my studies. I prefer doing improvements to my blog than studying my current subjects.

Yes I’m lazy, that’s real. But I tell you, there’s a difference between going to school to study and going to school to learn. 😀

I learn most when I’m in home and I’m on the Internet. I am not one of those lazy dudes who do nothing but Facebook. I do productive things, which I will tell later LOL.

Also I always feel very sleepy. Until now.

And my head hurts. Better rest for today. Last night my sleep was only 2 hours. Such a pain in my head.



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