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It was very good to hear this kind of news.




Maybe you just need some time. Or maybe some motivation.

But sometimes all you need is to take action.

My life nowadays is crumbling. It has not been itself for the past weeks, making it vulnerable. I’m so sensitive these days, with a little dash of illness in your body, you just wanna go down and lie beneath your comfort zone.

And oh- my tarantulas molted. My G. pulchripes and Phlogiellus baeri. It’s so cool, I’m going to post pictures soon.

These little hobby of mine is really interesting. It is my major interest now, with the ideas of specializing in this field came to my mind. Now, I’ve been organizing and preparing just in case I pursued this field. In this case, I have already contacted with a few hobbyists and experts from around the world. I’m still preparing the bridge that I would step on soon. 🙂

And now back to the hate.

I hate people who abuses their freedom of speech as much as I do it. What I mean is, “Do you really have to publish it, just in case?”. Sometimes Facebook and other social networks have made a breeding ground for potential idiots-on-the-loose. It’s alright to show what you feel or say.

That’s it. I’m in such a rage right now. So better not to talk about it.

Google please.
Someday, many people will just depend on Google because Google may have dominated the surface web.

 I woke up, not feeling well, but still we had to go for the NSTP schedule for the day. So I prepared my things, and I included my tools for catching spiders. I just felt an instinct that I’m going to need it. On the site, I was digging through the rocks when I noticed a web. I immediately removed the rock, and to my surprise a huge webbing house was there. A small feet was sticking from there. A spider! 

I was so happy to see that. I immediately grabbed my equipment and caught the spider. I had only one container at that time. After that, I continued removing and replacing rocks. And this time, a second spider. 

I was so happy. But I had a problem. Two tarantulas can’t be on the same container. Since I had brought only one container, I had to make a way in which the container would be divided into two.

That problem was easily resolved by a piece of carton. So I managed to put those two arachnids on one container, because of the outsourced carton divider in them. 

I just don’t know what species are they. But I know they were of the genus Selenocosmia.


These past few days. I was always tired, and I am diagnosed with a flu. Nevertheless, I still enter my classes. It’s just so tiring and not-so-cool.